About us

A company established in 1989

Vincent Troonbeeckx followed in his father’s footsteps before founding his own company in 1989. From the outset, Taxi Vincent has sought to surpass conventional taxi providers with reliable, punctual and professional services.

Planning and organization

From the very beginning, bookings have been managed centrally in the aim of planning and organizing your journeys. Constant communication between our booking office and drivers means that we can save our clients time. Over the years, our team has expanded to better meet growing needs and expectations, allowing us to offer our clients the services that they deserve.


We have followed changes in the motor industry closely, which enables us to have vehicles that are safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Successive increases in petrol prices are offset by fuel-efficient cars. And so we can keep our prices competitive whilst reducing our carbon footprint.


We now have a team of ten drivers. Each one has met strict recruitment criteria and received training from us. Always willing to help, they provide a personal welcome and take you to your destination as quickly as possible. Our booking agents and drivers have always shared the same aim: providing you with excellent services at competitive prices.